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About me

Find out about Rowena and her practice

Qualifications and approach

I have a Diploma in Integrative Psychosynthesis from Re-Vision and an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy from the Minster Centre in London.

My training in therapy combined a variety of therapeutic approaches including Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Body Psychotherapy and the Transpersonal.

The founder of Psychosynthesis Roberto Assagioli believed that in order for a person to feel well they need to integrate all the parts and energies inside themselves into a whole self.

About Psychosynthesis

To put this simply, often life throws us a curveball or we go through things that cause us to get out of balance, fragmented or into an internal conflict.

Psychosynthesis aims to raise awareness of what’s going on so that it becomes easier to find a way through it. Difficulties are not just seen as problems to overcome but as part of a process of self-development and a movement towards greater integration of the heights and depths of our being.

I have a particular interest in the relationship between psychological growth and spiritual awakening largely because I’m a meditator and since my early 20’s have had experience with a variety of spiritual traditions and practices.


I’m a facilitator and coach by profession and so some people may choose to work with me in both capacities.

Since 2008 I’ve run my own coaching practice supporting teams and individuals in their personal and professional development. This work has enabled me to travel and has given me broad exposure to a variety of cultures and lifestyles and as a consequence I’m open-minded and have a natural ability to help people to be themselves.

Through developing people in their management and leadership roles I’ve really learnt a lot about what it really means to find my own voice, stand in my own power and express that in the world.